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When I asked her thoughts on the term "farmwife" and if she considered herself to be one, this is what she said:

“Honestly I struggle with the term ‘farmwife’. But then, in turn, feel bad for doing so. There are so many women who are so proud to define themselves by that word and they are so amazing in the way they take care
of, and provide for their families. I am secretly a little jealous of the moms and wives that they are. I identify myself as a farmer, a mom, a wife, an adventure seeker, a blogger, an ‘agvocator’ on twitter, and an amateur photographer. It’s a very long list of things that make me who I am but ‘farmwife’ is not one of them. To me it’s a traditional term that speaks to an amazing mother, home keeper, cook, parts runner, etc. and I usually feel like I am failing at least 2 of those at any given time. I struggle with being a stay at home mom - I wasn’t cut out for it. I would rather shovel pig pens out than clean my house since having children… seriously, who cleans house with two toddlers running around? Its complete mayhem! I will always choose to be in the field, even if I am fixing a breakdown, over being in the kitchen cooking for the crew. I am lucky to have found a husband, and a family in law, that supports me in choosing the role that makes me happiest on the farm and not trying to force me into something more traditional.”

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